Why do helium balloons float?


Helium balloons float because they are less dense than the surrounding air, which causes them to rise. Gravity acts on helium balloons the same way it does on the surrounding air; it has no effect on whether the balloon floats or not. It all comes down to relative densities.

Helium gas is used to make party balloons float and it's used by NASA in giant-sized balloons that are able to carry weights of up to 8,000 pounds (the weight of two cars). These balloons can reach heights of 26 miles and stay afloat for up to 14 days at a time.

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The reason that helium balloons always float up high is because helium is a gas that weighs much, much less than the air in the atmosphere.
More than a century ago, the basic gas laws were derived. These laws relate pressure, mass and volume. The Ideal Gas Law reads, pV = nRT. This law says pressure times volume of a
the density of helium is less than the density of air
While it may seem strange, the gases that make up air have weight. A cubic yard of air at sea level (which serves as the starting point from which all measurements of elevation, ocean
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Why Do Helium Filled Balloons Float?
Helium is an element, atomic number 2, atomic weight 4.003. It is lighter than air, and is used to fill balloons because they will rise, whether party balloons, weather balloons, gas balloons (for travel) or blimps. This is due to helium's... More »
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In order for Helium balloons to float, it will depend with the size, for instance the bigger the balloon, the longer it stays up. Helium filled foil balloons depending ...
Helium (He) is most commonly known for being used to fill balloons to make them float. It also has uses in deep sea diving, welding, and filling blimps. You can ...
Air filled balloons will not float in air. The main reason for this is that air in the balloon has exactly the same density as air outside the balloon hence don ...
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