Why do I burp constantly?


Constant burping happens because of poor dietary habits in most cases, but Med-Health.net also explains that constant burping can result from a stomach problem or medical condition, such as aerophagia, digestive system malfunction, irritable bowel syndrome and gastroparesis. Changing eating habits is one of the most recommended ways to stop constant burping.

Aerophagia, also known as swallowing air, is a very common reason for people to experience constant burping, according to Med-Health.net. People usually swallow air when consuming aerated drinks, drinking through a straw or eating quickly. Those with a malfunctioning digestive system also burp excessively, as the body obtains temporary relief by expelling gas through the mouth when too much gas forms in the digestive system. Fatty foods, stomach ulcers and gastritis can cause the digestive system to malfunction. Irritable bowel syndrome affects the large intestine, and it causes burping and bloating. Excessive burping also occurs due to gastroparesis, a condition that occurs when food remains in the stomach for a long period due to insufficient strength of the stomach muscles to push food into the next digestive structure.

Med-Health.net suggests changing eating habits, which involves chewing with the mouth closed, eating slowly, chewing properly and swallowing slowly. It also helps to avoid certain foods that trigger burping, such as sugary foods and milk.

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