Why Do I Have Dark Circles under My Eyes?


Dark circles under your eyes maybe a sign of iron deficiency. Some people also believe that the dark eyes are a sign of intolerance to certain foods. However, if the circles have been there for sometime, this could be a sign of aging.
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Dark circles under the eyes could be an indication of a vitamin deficiency. Other reasons are, being tired, allergies, dehydration, rubbing your eyes or becoming older.
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The reasons for dark circles under eyes are leaky capillaries and the blood vessels in the eye. External traumas to the eye may also result to dark circles under ...
According to the Mayo Clinic, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is a sign of aging. They actually could be a better sign of aging than wrinkles or ...
Dark circles under the eyes are mostly caused by lack of sleep. Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis is also a common cause. Another reason why people get dark ...
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