Why Do I Keep Sneezing?


You could keep sneezing due to allergy to pollen, mould or dust, nasal irritants such as dust and powders and withdrawal from drugs like alcohol and opiates. A sneeze is caused by irritation or some pain to the mucous membranes of the nose.
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1. Drink lemon water. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a large glass of water, stir and drink to ease your sneezing. 2. Use a salt water nose spray. Salt water nose sprays can be
i think to get rid of the germies inside the nosy.
When stopping a sneeze, you remove the opportunity to eliminate the irritating
She may have cat herpes - a somewhat common condition in cats. I had a shelter cat that began to show symptoms shortly after I brought her home. She got over the upper respitory symptoms
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The most common reason for dogs to sneeze is allergies. In the allergic state, the dogs immune system overreacts to foreign substance to which it is exposed. Other ...
Continuous sneezing of a cat can be a sign of an upper respiratory infection, or of a foreign body lodged in your cat's nasal passages. Cat sneezing is a normal ...
According to veterinarians, a sneezing dog can be a symptom of allergy or sinus infection. It can also be a sign of polyp or tumour and which should be addressed ...
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