Why Do I Remember My Dreams?


The reason why remember your dreams may be contributed by a number of reasons. It could be that you remember your dreams due to there are strong emotions or events captured in the dream which are important to you. It could also be because the dreams are really interesting that remembering them is inevitable.
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The best way to remember your dreams is by keeping a dream journal. Keep a pen and a pad of paper by your bed, and write or draw whatever you remember upon waking. Studies have also
1. Relax before bed. Take a hot bath with aromatherapy soaps, drink herbal tea, listen to meditation tapes - whatever works best for you. 2. Think about and write down important things
1 Plan to get a good night's sleep . Dreams occur when our bodies are in the sleeping stage known as REM, which stands for rapid eye movement. The body is at rest, but the mind is
Researchers at Caltech published a study in the Feb 2009 Neuron that basically explained that memories are formed in the brain's hippocampus, but are stored elsewhere (most likely
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A dream is a succession of a picture, sensation, idea, emotion or idea that happens unwillingly in the mind when sleeping. It is hard to remember dreams because ...
People forget their dreams when they wake up suddenly since this shifts a dreamer's focus back to the waking senses so quickly that the dream memory is relocated ...
It's perfectly normal not to remember dreams. The reason for this is that your brain neuro-chemicals during sleep tend to be different from wake time and as a ...
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