Why Do Indoor Cats Get Worms?


Indoor cats get worms in several ways. It has been established that most kittens get infected with roundworms from the mother either through contact with her stool or through nursing. Sometimes when they hunt and eat mice, insects and worms, they are likely to get infected with parasites. Furthermore, some mosquitoes are heartworm larvae carrier and transfer the worms the worms through bites.
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When it comes to parasites, your cat's predatory instinct works against him. Rodents, insects and other household pests harbor worm eggs, which are passed on to your kitty when he
Cats can pick up worms by ingestion such as with flea's and the tapeworm which is carried by the Flea, hookworms in the grass, and by other animals that already have these parasites
Be smart.Dont test for worms.You will spend hundreds on worm testing.Just get them the worm shot.Do you really need a test to waste your money to see if they have worms? You can test
It depends on the type of worms that the cat is contracting. Cats can commonly get round
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Why Do Indoor Cats Get Worms?
Some owners are shocked to learn that their indoor kitty caught a case of worms, but this scenario isn't unusual. Outdoor cats are more likely to pick up parasites and other infectious agents, but felines confined to the home also can ingest or inhale... More »
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