Why Do Kissing Fish Kiss?


Kissing fish appear to be 'kissing' each other as a form of social testing of strength or status. The fish have an unusual mouth shape that is particularly more pronounced when they are eating or sucking debris.
Q&A Related to "Why Do Kissing Fish Kiss"
Because they like each other , when something likes something else like lots then they kiss!
Kissing gouramis are warm, freshwater tropical fish that are easily found in aquarium shops. Their name originates from not only their mouth shape, but also for the fact that male
ive read domewhere maybe on the net.That some fish kiss because they are fighting . The only fish i remember reading about were the kissing gouramis. i have 3 angelfish right now
An extension of mother-child behavior. The practice may have evolved from primate mothers chewing food for their young and then feeding it to them mouth-to-mouth. Pressing lips together
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