Why Do Kissing Fish Kiss?


Kissing fish appear to be 'kissing' each other as a form of social testing of strength or status. The fish have an unusual mouth shape that is particularly more pronounced when they are eating or sucking debris.
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Fish species that "kiss" are not really kissing the affectionate way that humans do. In most species it is a kind of wrestling/fighting. In some species it is a way for
1. Place at least one male and one female kissing gourami fish in a fish tank. There are no visible differences between the sexes, so you may need to enlist professional help if you
The common name of kissing fish is kissing gourami. Its scientific name is Helostoma temminkii.
Urbandictionary has the best explanation I've found: http://www.urbandictionar. y.com/d. O=Hug. X=Kiss. If you look at each letter like it was representing two people from a bird's
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