Why do leaves fall off trees?


Leaves fall from trees because the tree begins to prepare itself for the winter season. Trees seal the spots where the leaves are attached, cutting off water to the leaves. The leaves then change color and fall from the tree.

During winter, less sunlight reaches the Earth, and the atmosphere becomes colder. As winter begins to approach, trees begin to prepare for the change. Tiny holes in leaves cause the tree to lose lots of water. During the winter, there is not enough water available to replace what the tree loses through the leaves. By sealing the holes where the leaves grow and shedding the leaves, the tree is able to use available water to survive the winter. If the leaves did not fall and the holes were not sealed during the winter, the tree would not be able to survive the winter season. By retaining water in the trunk of the tree, the dry air cannot reach the water and evaporate it. When freezing temperatures approach, photosynthesis of the tree is used to help the tree survive as opposed to feeding the leaves of the tree. As spring time approaches, new leaves form on the tree, and the tree uses photosynthesis to feed the new leaves and to grow.

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The falling of leaves depends on the environmental factors and the genome of the tree. Most trees such as the deciduous trees, lose their leaves to conserve moisture and energy over
The leaves of a tree are the "factories" it uses to make fuel, via photosynthesis. http://www.emc.maricopa.e. du/facu. http://amandaknuth.wikisp. aces.co. http://abhsscience.wikisp
The fungal leaf spot infection Cercospora, Phyllosticta and Marssonina can cause the leaves of the Kentucky coffee tree to develop spotting, turn brown and prematurely fall from the
They die. They don't get enough nutrients or water to survive, and the climate is too cold. But when they start getting water, they are back to normal. Leaves are the things trees
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In early autumn, the veins that carry fluids to the leaves close off. A layer of cells severs the tissue that support the leaves and caps off the end of the branch. The leaves gradually fall off.
Not all plants lose their leaves. Conifers remain green and keep their leaves for two to four years.
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