Why Do Lemmings Jump off Cliffs?


Lemmings jump off the cliff when they are migrating. This happens in large groups when population density becomes too large and they search for a new habitat. On occasion, the lemmings are forced into the sea by the push of more lemmings arriving on the cliff-top.
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They actually don't jump off cliffs, although they do sometimes undertake mass migrations during which some individuals may fall, drown, or get trampled. The myth that lemmings commit
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Lemmings, contrary to popular belief, are not suicidal, which
Actually, they don't. Lemmings, contrary to popular belief, don't jump off of cliffs and not suicidal.
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It's an urban myth that lemmings commit a sort of mass suicide by jumping off of a cliff. While lemmings will swim in search of new habitat, they don't, in fact, throw themselves off of cliffs. This myth was perpetuated by a Disney 'documentary' from the 1950s; the lemming scenes were faked in the movie. You can find more information here: http://www.wildlifenews.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=wildlife_news.view_article&articles_id=56&issue_id=6
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