Why Do Lions Roar?


The main reason lions roar is because it is their main mode of communication. A lion’s roar can be heard 5mile away by the human ear. Both male and female lions roar.
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They roar to communicate with each other and scare other animals away.
Most of it has to do with territory. A two-piece hyoid bone in the throat allows them to roar
well i roar for a variety of reasons longing for a leggo zebra to chomp on can bring about a fit of the roars or my cub straying too far from the pride's den or some clumsy doodad
Tradition. The Lions put together the first Thanksgiving game in 1934 to try to boost attendance, and have played in them ever since. The Cowboys started playing their Thanksgiving
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Lions roar because this is how they communicate. Different roars can mean several different things like danger. Roars can be heard up to five miles away.
Like most wild animals, they have some warning you to stay away. When a lion roars, he's warning other lions or even people that you are coming too close to him or his pride and you need to back away.
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