Why Do Lips Turn Black from Smoking Weed?


It is commonly believed by smokers that their lips do turn black from smoking weed, as a result of the mix of substances. It can be lip gloss or any other type of substance that can get mixed and may affect the lips. But not all people that smoke it face that kind of situation as it happens only with those that consume great amounts of marijuana.
Q&A Related to "Why Do Lips Turn Black from Smoking Weed?"
It doesn't. That happens to some people due to poor methods of smoking. When you roll a joint, put a filter in it (look up RAW filter tips) You can do the same if you prefer blunts,
Smoking slow blood circulation in your lips and
Either one could do it.it's the tar staining the skin, cigars are the worst.
Because they want to match your lungs. Is this not a sign that smoking causes cancer or do you really want to appear cool more than live.
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