Why Do Magnets Attract?


Magnets attract due to the fact that electrons in them line up in such a manner that lines of force are created which may then attract or repel other magnetic material. In iron, the four unpaired electrons help other nearby electrons line up in the same direction and leading to an overall result of electrons pointing to the same direction.
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Magnetism. Magnetism is a force of attraction. Magnetic energy attracts but it also has the ability to repulse, or push away. Magnetism is observed in electric current, but also in
they attract because they like each other. it's like boys and girls, boys like girls, girls don't like girls and boys don't like boys, though magnets only attract to the ones they
Magnetism comes from the motions of electrons in the atoms of the magnets. It never "runs out" because electrons in materials never stop moving. A complete description of
Magnets have magnetic fields that attract items containing iron. For example, some
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Magnets attract when they are facing the opposite end to each other. The two ends of a magnet each have a different pole, one is North the other South. So if you take a magnet and face its north pole to another magnets south they will attract. If you face the same pole to each other, say north to north, they will repel away from each other. You can find more information here: http://www.coolmagnetman.com/maghow.htm
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