Why Do Male Cats Spray?


It is very common for male cats to spray urine to make other cats know he is set to mate. Male cats spray urine as normal reaction to the sex hormones, which grow in his body at six months of age.
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Male cats spray to mark territory or find a female to mate with. If you have a unfixed male with an unfixed female chances are the male will spray. It smells awful but there is nothing
Male cats usually spray to mark their territory and to ward off other male cats!
Neutered male cats may continue to spray and urine mark indoors and outdoors. While many cats stop spraying after they are neutered, those that continue to spray are likely reacting
Cats urine mark for sexual reasons and due to stress. . If your cat has not been neutered (male or female) the answer is probably the first and there is an easy fix for it involving
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Male cats may spray their urine as a result of a fearful or stressing situation, to announce their sexual availability, or to mark their territory.
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All cats, neutered or not, can spray, though, urine marking is most widespread in un-neutered male cats. To ensure that your cat does not spray in future, it is ...
Female cats normally spray to attract the male cat. Spraying normally occurs when she is on heat and she does this to leave her scent to attract a male cat. It ...
Both male and female cats spray urine as a way of marking their territories. Spraying is most common in cats who are not neutered and in households with many cats ...
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