Why Do Men Get Scared When They Fall in Love?


Some men get scared when they fall in love because they feel like that woman has some kind of power over their emotions. There are a number of men that do not like to give up power of any kind.
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Many men get scared when they fall in love because they are uncertain of whether or not the relationship will last. Men are afraid that they will get emotionally hurt if they begin to feel too much compassion towards another individual.
Men get scared when they fall in love for many reasons. I have known men who get afraid of losing control when they are in love. Men can be afraid of giving a commitment.
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They tend to do the stupidest things. Because the male feels that he can get away with more and we tend to forget how to truly love sometimes. But we try.
Sounds like you have an eye for someone and they are not returning the affection? Men can hide feelings well. Depending on their age its not "cool" to be "in love"
If you are scared to fall in love, then you aren't quite emotionally ready
It can spur the primal "thrill of the hunt" Embed Quote
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