Why Do Mountains Often Have Snow on Top?


As air travels, it picks up water molecules in vapor form, which remain vaporous in the higher pressure at low elevations. The increase in elevation and drop in pressure cause the water vapor to cool until it reaches the dew point and condenses in the air into water droplets. These droplets are visible as cloud formations. The air may continue to cool and condense until it forms rain or snow, which will fall on the windward side of the mountain
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Because it is near the sky and it is cold up there so they get lot's of snow.
The mountain that houses the famed “A” letter for ASU and which
Incomplete question but I think I know what you're getting at. Optical astronomers put their telescopes on top of mountains to get above the cloud level (as far as possible) and to
as opposed to starting out of springs or other at sea level. I cannot understand how enough water goes to the top of hills to create rivers. It is not melting snow because the rivers
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