Why Do My Armpits Itch?


Your arm pits may itch from heat caused by sweating or a bacteria infection. Sweating can cause this itch and a rash. It is important to wash under your arms well with soap and water to remove all bacteria and apply an anti-fungal powder to help clear up the itch. If that doesn't work call your doctor.
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because you have fleas or an infection.
General itching may be a symptom of many conditions including diabetes, thyroid disease, some
It is pretty common to get skin fungus in damp areas like the armpit and the groin. A skin fungus usually is red with irregular borders. Some people also get skin tags in their armpits
try using body powder, like Gold Bond instead of an under arm deodorant or antiperspirant for awhile. Make sure you're dry! dry! dry! before you put it on - any natural moisture will
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