Why do my armpits itch?


Itchy armpits can indicate a variety of issues, including allergy, infections, heat rashes and various dermatological diseases, according to MDhealth.com. Itchy armpits can also be accompanied by redness, swelling, soreness and scarring. While scratching itchy armpits may provide some temporary relief, it can also lead to infection and should be avoided. Contact a doctor to determine the cause of the itchy armpits to promptly treat the condition.

Lack of hygiene can lead to armpit itching, as the armpits are very susceptible to the buildup of bacteria, according to MDhealth.com. Cleaning the armpits at least once a day is recommended to prevent itching due to bacteria buildup. A candida yeast infection can be present in the armpits, as the warm, moist environment makes overgrowth of the yeast possible and commonly results in a red, peeling rash. Axillary hyperhidrosis, or a condition that causes excess sweating, can also cause itching as can miliaria rubra, a heat rash.

Itching armpits can be a result of deodorant or antiperspirant or can be caused by dermatitis, an inflamed and itchy skin rash from an allergic reaction to detergents, perfume or antibiotics, notes MDhealth.com. Depending on the cause of itching, treatments vary considerably and include using antibacterial soap, antifungal creams and hydrocortisone cream and/or avoiding contact with offending allergens.

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