Why Do My Clothes Smell Sour after Washing?


If clothes smell sour after washing, they may have sat in the washer too long before going to the dryer. Another possibility is that the washer needs to be cleaned.
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If it's just those sheets, it's probably the dye used in the sheets. Air the sheets outside for a month. A sunny location is better than a shady one. After one month, bring the sheets
Expert's Answer There are many fabric refreshers on the market that will help reduce odor. Odoban is a very good odor eliminator. Hanging the clothes in the fresh air will often make
Dreft (liquid, preferably). It is laundry soap for babies, but it gets anything off of your laundry! It gets rid of stains and it gets rid of proteins that cause funky smells. Also,
It's very possible that you are using more detergent than necessary for the load size you are washing. Double check the detergent instructions to ensure you are using the correct
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