Why Do My Cuticles Crack and Bleed?


Your cuticles are cracking and bleeding because they are dry. You should get yourself a good quality moisturizer to help with the cracked cuticles.
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Lips balms that contain beeswax, shea butter or cocoa butter help heal your lips by providing natural moisture without irritating the skin. Your dry lips could be an indication that
Ugh. One of the worst things about winter are cracked cuticles. You may find your cuticles crack so much in winter because they suffer from the same lack of moisture that your skin
If you don't go for regular manicures, then your precious cuticles could need some definite attention. Harsh cleansers and infrequent moisturizing can leave your cuticles cracked
Handcreams work well but if you want to do it fast start with baby oil and massage alittle of that into them for a few days. Then switch to a good hand cream and they will be very
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One reason why your cuticles crack and bleed is that they are not getting enough hydration. You need to apply cream on them day and night. Vaseline works well and at night you can wear a pair of white gloves to hold the moisture in. You can find more information here: www.healthexpertadvice.org
Your cuticles are likely cracking and bleeding because your hands are very dry. This can come from the weather, harsh chemicals, or manual labor without gloves. Try using a thick hand lotion before bed.
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