Why do my ears turn red?


According to Destroy Diseases, red ears can be caused by certain medications, thyroid issues, heart disease, inflamed arteries, anxiety, fever and a rare condition called Red Ear Syndrome (RES). Red ears may also be caused by hormonal changes and fluctuations like those that occur during pregnancy and menopause. Mayo Clinic lists red, hot ears as one of the main symptoms of hot flashes.

If ears are consistently red or if other symptoms are present such as swelling, inflammation, pain, tenderness, warmth or a burning sensation, an infection or underlying condition may be at fault says Better Medicine. However, if ears become red suddenly and return to normal color after a few minutes, the condition is usually no cause for concern.

Deduction must be used to find the exact cause of red or flushed ears. For example, if ears become red in social situations only, anxiety is most likely to blame. If red ears are accompanied by migraine headaches, RES may be the cause states The Journal of Headache and Pain. If no apparent cause is evident, it may be necessary to seek medical attention in order to deduce what's causing the symptom and to rule out any underlying, serious causes.

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Coming in from a very cold day, you may notice that your ears suddenly feel burning hot. Looking in the mirror, you see that they are bright red, like your nose, from the cold. There
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Your ears turned red because you were blushing.
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Why Do My Ears Turn Red?
Red ears are common, but they can also be embarrassing. Some people are insecure about the appearance of bright red ears, which sometimes happens at strange or inopportune times, but there is a logical explanation for this issue.... More »
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