Why Do My Feet Swell up?


Foot swelling is characterised by a build-up of fluid in your foot. Swelling of the foot may be caused by being overweight, blood clot in the leg, increased age, leg infection and inability of veins in the legs to properly pump blood back to the heart. Injury or surgery involving the leg or foot can cause swelling.
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It may be possible that the decreased air pressure in an airplane cabin, equivalent to the normal air pressure on a high mountain, contributes to foot swelling, but researchers have
Your doctor may refer to feet swelling as edema, the term used to describe an
Gravity. The blood drains into your feet and legs, and if your muscles are in poor shape, they do not squeeze all of it back up toward your heart. Also, the longer you have to stand
Poor blood circulation, try to exercise like aerobics, you may not be getting enough activity at your job etc, it is important for your body to have good blood circulation. you may
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Foot swelling is caused by a lot of things. They include injuries to the foot like a broken foot or toe, ankle sprain and dislocation of bones. Inflammations like abscess, cellulitis and bursitis are also a major cause of foot swelling. Other mild causes of foot swelling include menstrual periods, pregnancy and extended car rides or airplane flights.
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