Why Do My Hostas Have Holes in the Leaves?


The reason why your hostas have holes in the leaves could be because of pest. The most common pests known to cause damage on hostas leaves are slugs and foliar nematode. The foliar nematodes are microscopic worms which swim on little amounts of water on the surface of the leaf.
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Why Do My Hostas Have Holes in the Leaves?
Hostas grow well in many areas of the United States, making them one of the most popular shade garden plants. The variegated leaves, featuring cream to green patterns, add interest to hosta gardens. Garden pests may cause holes to appear on the leaves of... More »
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A hostas is the name of a plant that people have outdoors. A hostas plant is a perennial plant which means that the plant will come back year and year. Hostas will get bigger and bigger each year and sometimes the plants will get so large that they need to be split in order to keep growing well. One thing that many people complain about is when the hostas leaves will get holes in them. They get holes in them from different pests that get on the plants.
Whenever you encounter holes in your hostas leaves it is mostly caused by slugs and earwigs. You can set out baits so they will stay clear of your hostas.
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