Why Do My Legs Hurt When I Walk?


One of the possible reasons resulting to pain in your legs is the peripheral artery disease which causes impaired blood vessels. Other causes are lumbar spinal stenosis, medial tibial stress syndrome as well as chronic exertional compartment syndrome. However, it is highly advisable to seek medical attention so as to establish the exact cause.
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Your leg could be hurting from muscle cramps or bruises. It really depends on what type of activity your are carrying on with your legs. Your legs could also be hurting from lack
1. Adjust your crutches to the proper height. The top of the crutches should be between one and two inches below your armpit when you stand up straight. The handgrips should be even
pick it up, take it to the vet, get it fixed, and take it back home.
1 Clean legs with soap to remove oil and dirt, as they reduce sticking of wax to skin. Ad
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