Why Do My Legs Swell up?


Leg swelling generally occurs because of an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissue of the lower extremity. Leg swelling may come about as a result of one being overweight, blood clot in the leg, increased age, leg infection, or failure of the veins in the leg to properly pump blood back to the heart. Injury or surgery involving the leg or foot can also cause swelling.
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The first step for treating swelling legs is to elevate them above your heart. You can do this by sitting in a recliner, or by lying down and placing your legs on a stack of pillows
There are a number of causes of the "third spacing" or "extravasation" of fluid from the bloodstream into the tissues. Some of the more common causes could be
Well, yeah. We both noticed yesterday that her ankles and calves were swollen. What could be wrong?
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There are a number of possible causes why your legs swell. These include standing for long period of time especially in a hot day. Swollen legs could also be because of pregnancy or a sign of congestive heart failure. It is advisable you consult your GP to determine the actual cause and proper treatment.
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