Why Do My Palms Itch?


If your palms are itching, this could be as a result of either atopy, dry skin, exposure to allergens and certain systemic and skin diseases. It could also be caused by a deeper possible problems like kidney failure or liver problems. You therefore need to visit a doctor for a better diagnosis.
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An itchy palm is the sign of money coming. But just in case it's not that, an itchy palm could be from dry skin. Skin gets drier at different times of the year, when the weather changes
I've heard it is because someone is talking about you!
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The wives tale about itching palms is a superstition passed down through generations. If your right palm itches, it means you may be in receipt of a large sum ...
When your left palm itches it means you will soon be paying out money. This is according to superstition and it is advisable not to scratch it at all. If the palm ...
There are a number of reasons as to why you are itching. You could be itching because of allergic reaction from contact with irritants or certain chemicals like ...
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