Why do my tomato blooms fall off?


Tomato blooms fall off due to surplus use of nitrogen fertilizers or dry windy surroundings. The most common cause, however, is temperature extremes. Uneven watering can also cause tomato blooms to fall off.
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Tomatoes are a hot weather plant and need plenty of sun and warmth. However, too much heat can cause them to drop their blossoms. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Gardenia's love iron! It sounds like it might be lacking some in the soil. You should get some azalea mix and mix it into the soil. Coffee grounds are great as well. Good Luck!
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When blooms begin to fall off your tomato plants, this is known as blossom drop. There are several reasons why blossom drop may occur. The blooms may fall off the plant due to temperatures that are either too high or too low, an imbalance of nitrogen, and less pollination than needed. Other reasons for blooms falling off tomato plants include too much of too little humidity, damage from insects, and excess weight on the actual tomato.
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