Why Do Onions Make US Cry?


Onions make us cry because they release a gas that irritates our eyes. When their fresh tissue is cut a sulfur oxide is formed and it reacts with enzymes in the onion to release an eye-irritating gas. The gas forms sulfuric acid by reacting with eye fluids.
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When you cut into an onion, sulfur compounds are released and react with the water in your eye to create something like sulfuric acid. The mild acid irritates the eye’s nerve cells, stimulating tears that help wash it away.
Onions make us teary-eyed because of a defense mechanism in the onion. When it is cut, an onion produces propanethiol S-oxide, which causes the onion to release sulfer. The sulfur mixes with the moisture in the tear ducts and creates sulfuric acid. This is what causes the tears, your eyes are trying to flush the sulfuric acid out.
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