Why Do People Advertise?


People advertise for various reasons some of them include: To attract new customers, to compete against opposition, it is an advantage to competitors who use limited resources, to generate traffic and to make more sales.
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companies advertise to get people to buy there product even if some of the info they advertise are false.
There are many reasons people start smoking, and those reasons are known only to each individual person, but the biggest reason people start smoking is because of peer pressure. Often
It may seem provocative and counterintuitive but the reality is that advertising serves many human needs. The fact the notion of advertising exists and it's so prevalent in the world
People lie to benefit or protect themselves in some way. For example, individuals may lie by enhancing their qualifications to get a job or exaggerate their characteristics to make
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People normally advertise so as to make the market aware of their products. Advertising is a way or a means of telling other people what you want them to know and what you want them to do.
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