Why Do People Daydream?


Daydream refers to thoughts or fantasies people have while awake. It may be due to an effort of synthesizing complex information. Some people daydream because they are frustrated with realities or strive to get answers to problems they face.
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People day dream because, number one, they are tired and not easy to focus. They fall into a slight slumber. Others are just bored and want to have an imaginary adventure.
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Daydreaming is what most teenagers do when you tell them to do their homework or clean their room or any other chore that is no fun for them. Daydreaming is a form of relaxation that
Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can be alone. Try a cozy chair in a quiet room of your house or close the door to your bedroom and lay down on the bed. Make yourself as
1 Ensure that before you daydream, you are in homeostasis-in other words, you are relatively balanced . Go use the bathroom, and perhaps drink a glass of water before you start. 2
you're awake with your eyes open, but you kind of zone out, and don't realize what's going on because it's like a dream.
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We daydream because of inability to accept an untoward or unpleasant reality. It can also be as a result of obsession with one's own thoughts, supporting the process ...
A daydream is a visionary fantasy of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass and experienced while awake. While listening, people ...
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