Why Do People Eat Fast Food?


People eat fast foods because fast food is available, its inexpensive, it tastes good, it's convenient and because many people cannot cook. Although people know that fast food is harmful to their health, they still continue to take it every day. Fast foods contains sugar which is addictive.
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because in our modern life now many people specially who have jobs have no time to eat ordinary food so they depend on the fast food .But sometime the old people don't like to eat
People eat fast food because their lives are so busy they can not sit down to a proper
Convenience. There is not much to do in an airplane. Might as well use that time to eat. Many people also catch flights in a rush often travelling for quite a few hours to even get
India has a rich and diverse food culture, as mixed and varied as the people of India itself. Indian restaurants have brought the taste for Indian food to foreign palates, but the
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The reason why alot of people eat fast food is because is simple and easy to just drive thru and the food is done in a couple of minutes rather than cooking a whole meal at home.
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