Why do People Eat Scabs?


The reason why some people may eat their scabs, or other weird things could be due to Pica. Most babies, and small children have this condition because they lack nutrients like: iron, zinc, etc.
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This is a real disorder, mainly linked to OCD, or other emotional or mood disorders, and it may seem gross to others, but it is unfair to judge someone based on the way their brain
Trichophagia is often linked to another disorder, trichotillomania, which compels people to pull hair from their own body. Anxiety and depression frequently accompany these disorders
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It could be symptom of OCD or the scabs could itch. Curiosity may also prompt
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People eat scabs because they are gross. The same reason why they eat their own boogers. It is a nasty habit and should not be done. If it is a child doing it then you should make them stop.
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