Why Do People Float?


People tend to float in water because their bodies are basically made up of water. If you take for example density and measure it against gravity, a person will float. Not everyone floats because there are bodies that are denser than others. Also, some water bodies with higher salt contents allow people to float more easily.
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because our height is less than the quantity /volume of water in the sea /river /lake.
People float in space because there is no gravity! Thanks for asking ChaCha!
Because, despite the thickness of their steel hulls, they are pretty much empty; their volume is mostly air, hence their overall density is less than the density of water (1000kg/
The salute originated in ancient Rome where individuals would raise their hands in the air, with their palms forward, to show that they were friendly and unarmed. This evolved into
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People float in water because our bodies are primarily made up of water. When you measure density against gravity, a person will float. Not all people float because their bodies are more dense than others. Also, some bodies of water with higher salt contents allow people to float more easily.
People float due to the fat that they have. Fat is less dense that muscle and bone. The more fat someone has, the easier it is for hat person to float.
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