Why Do People Get Christened?


To be Christened is to be given a Christian name in baptism as a sign of incorporation into a Christian Church or its another word for baptize. Christian believes that christening is not an outward cleaning, but saves us through an inward cleaning. It is an appeal to God for a good conscience and asks God to take away the guilt of our past sin.
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Christening is the rite that welcomes newborn children into the Christian community and gives the child a Christian name. This is similar to baptizing. Most Christian religions require
1. Decide whether you want your child to undergo christening. While many christenings are performed on infants, some parents prefer to wait until their children are older and can
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1 Decide who is hosting the event and sending the invitations. This will usually be the parents or the godparents. Ad 2 Choose the style of invitation you want. Some people like formal
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Parents all over the world ensure that their children are christened. The ceremony and level of significance, varies between church denominations, but mostly the ...
Babies are christened to show services of dedication of parents making promises about the upbringing of their children. It also declares the child to be a follower ...
The reason for christening a child is to dedicate him/her to the Lord. Parents christen their children because they want them to have a Christian foundation as ...
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