Why Do People Get Hungry?


People get hungry because when the nutritive material of food gets deficient in the blood, the body sends a message to the brain through the nerves. This as a result makes one hungry because the hunger centre controls the working of the stomach and the intestines.
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1. Eat six to eight times a day. Eating more frequently tells your body that you're not going to starve because food is always available; when you skip breakfast and overeat at dinner
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1. Adjust your daily eating schedule. Three full meals a day might not work for your unique health. Rather, taking time to eat five or six small meals can help your metabolism stay
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You may be feeling hungry time after time, even if you have eaten because of low blood sugar. Usually the brain naturally tells you that you are hungry when your ...
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While many people think that the stomach makes noise when they are hungry, the fact is that it is the intestines making these sounds. It is normal for them to ...
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