Why do people hang the American flag upside down?


According to the US Flag Code, the American flag should never be flown upside down except in cases of distress as a kind of SOS signal. However, when the American flag is flown upside down, it is usually a way for people to show their displeasure with the US.
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The only federally permissible reason to fly the American flag upside down is as a signal of distress. This distress is defined as being extreme danger to life and property. The most
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Significance of an Upside-Down American Flag
The United States Code outlines in great detail how the U.S. flag should be displayed in a variety of contexts. Section 176 of the code makes it clear that the United States flag should only be flown upside down – with the union down – in... More »
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If a flag is hung upside down, it means who ever hung it is upset with the government. After the election in 2012, many people hung their flags upside down to protest President Obama winning the election. It is meant as a sign of protest against the American government.
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