Why Do People Kill Whales?


People kill whale due to the variety of products that can be obtained from their bodies. Their meat can be consumed by human beings, or it can be used as animal food, and the teeth and bones utilised as building materials. Blubber obtained from the body of a whale can also be used as fuel.
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Because commercial whaling is a profitable business.
The purpose of killing whales is a commercial purpose. The meat is sold to human
Because it is a large part of their economy and culture. I would also like to point out that there are many cultures and other areas of the world that hunt whales. Japan may push
I don't think it's incorrect at all for people to ask this question. Companies evolve, widen their goals, and expand their reach. Facebook and Google are both companies that want
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People kills whales for their blubber. Whale blubber is considered a delicacy in some countries and can be used to make products. The issue is that whales are endangered and some types are in danger of extinction.
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