Why do people live near volcanoes?


People take the risk of living near volcanoes as the land there is very fertile and good for agriculture. A volcano is an outlet, in a planet's surface or crust, which permits hot magma, volcanic ash, and gases to flee from the surface.
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because there fearless, and becuase it creates a natural substance, water, so it's a good habbitat for water.
At first it may seem odd that people would want to live close to a volcano. After all, volcanoes have a nasty habit of exploding, discharging liquid rock, ash, poisonous gasses, red
Well... Inertia- their heritage belongs to the place. I.e. their entire family history comes from that place, in some cases they may consider the volcano to be of religious significance
For protection. If there was an invading army they could go into the keep and be protected. The men would help fight as well. The castle was the seat of the government for that area
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Locals collect the sulphur and sell it,the heat from underground steam is used to drive turbines and produce electricity or to heat water supplies that are then used to provide household heating and hot water,volcanic rocks are rich in minerals and lastly volcanoes attract millions of visitors every yearfor different reasons.
People live near volcanoes for many reasons. It could be that they grew up there and do not want to leave the area, or they simply like it and feel it's worth the possible risk of eruption.
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