Why do people refer to themselves in third person?


Individuals who refer to themselves in the third person often do so as a means of exaggerating how "big" (important or famous) they are according to Esquire. Doing so gives a person a feeling of power, and of separating the "I" from "he" or "she."

Another reason that an individual may refer to himself in the third person is because he has suddenly achieved fame in some way, and he is trying to get used to that fact. It is a means of enlarging oneself to fit into a role that has been assigned to the person. When one refers to himself in the third person it is typically in an "end of argument" type of way that does not invite questions.

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Is pomposity a good enough reason? It boils down to writing style and writing guidelines. In straight ahead news stories, the writer should be invisible. Reporters are rarely part
ChaCha says that people sometimes refer to themselves in the third
I think that a lot of times the person is so full of him/herself, that referral in the first person does not come natural. Most people who do that have rather huge personalities.
There is actually a word for referring to yourself in the third person. It is called illeism. It is often seen as a sign of narcissism, of being full of self-importance. For instance
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