Why do people refer to themselves in third person?


Individuals who refer to themselves in the third person often do so as a means of exaggerating how "big" (important or famous) they are according to Esquire. Doing so gives a person a feeling of power, and of separating the "I" from "he" or "she."

Another reason that an individual may refer to himself in the third person is because he has suddenly achieved fame in some way, and he is trying to get used to that fact. It is a means of enlarging oneself to fit into a role that has been assigned to the person. When one refers to himself in the third person it is typically in an "end of argument" type of way that does not invite questions.

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This is a style known as Illeism, primarily used in literature. . In everyday speech, some people use it because they think it adds weight to whatever they say (which is sometimes
Lefty say right on wit your bad self Marianne. He tinks you da bomb^^. Lefty tinks ppl who refer to themselves in the 3rd person be avoiding taking da 5th. Lefty gotta finish dis
That is simply what some people do. It does make it hard to answer questions and I can see how you are trying to make a point by asking this question. I kind of like that really.
It is a formal form and also used by the Pope. Some languages use the formal form when addressing parents and officials.
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