Why Do People Stare?


There are various reasons why people stare. It can be a result of admiration thus declaring interest. Some people also stare so as to judge something regarding character. People can also stare when they see unique things. People can also stare as a result of day dreaming.
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People stare, because they are either admiring or disgusted. Take for instance, when you see a hobo, you will stare.
People stare because they are fascinated by what they see. Do the ChaCha!
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People stare for various reasons. They may stare because they find someone attractive, unusual, or abnormal. It is not polite to stare, especially if the person you are staring at has a physical characteristic that cannot be helped.
It is just a natural habit for people to stare. Everyone stares at people. You might be looking at there clothes or make up. People might stare at you because they find you attractive. Staring is just a normal thing for people to do.
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