Why Do People Talk to Themselves?


There are various reasons why people talk to themselves but it is considered a principal sign that one is mentally unstable. However, people may talk to themselves since they find it quite satisfactory and relaxing. Young children may also talk to themselves before they fall asleep as part of the development of their cognitive abilities.
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because some people are just wierd and they have no life. They dont have friends and no one wants to talk to them! or, they could just be corny and useless! :) or maybe they are &
Sleep talking, also known as somniloquy, is a parasomnia disorder that is harmless but nonetheless is viewed as problematic and even unsettling by some. Some sleep talkers only mumble
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Some people talk to themselves due to mental illness while others may talk to themselves because they are able to do things better hearing it. When people are mad they may also mutter under their breathe what is bothering them.
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