Why do people visit Italy?


Some of the most common reasons why people from all parts of the world travel to Italy are to experience its rich culture, cuisine, art, history and fashion. Considered the birthplace of Western culture, the country houses the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than half of the high arts, monuments and attractions of the entire world, according to Roman Homes.

Italy is home to some of the most popular and renowned cities in the world, including Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples, Bologna and Venice. Rome alone ranked as one of the top 10 most-visited cities in the world, registering about 30 million global visitors every year, according to CNN. In addition to the millennia-old paintings and monuments, Italy is also famous for its numerous churches and buildings that date back thousands of years.

Italy is also famous for its extraordinary and imaginative cuisines, and international visitors travel from city to city to taste the wide array of regional dishes. Roman Home notes that tourists don’t need to go to expensive restaurants to taste the unique flavors of each city, as one may sample countless exotic and creative dishes even in the most ordinary food stall. The pleasant and sunny weather most of the year also appeals to tourists from all parts of the world.

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1. Take a vaparetto (a water bus) to Murano. Ask at your hotel for a schedule and information on where the closest stop is for boarding. You might also try going to St. Mark&rsquo
the colliseum is great and so is the leaning tower of pizza depends what you want to see but these two were great.
Lake Como- Stunning any time of the year. Venice - Very Romantic but a little too touristy San Vito Lo Capo,Sicily - Gorgeous beach Rome - For anyone who loves a bit of history Florence
James A. FitzPatrick
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