Why Do People Wear Thumb Rings?


A ring worn on the thumb finger is a thumb ring. Thumb rings are available in a vast selection of styles and sizes, and they are worn by men and women of all ages. Thumb rings date back thousands of years. In Egypt, a mummy case located in the British Museum depicts a woman with rings on both of her thumbs. Many of these renaissance, medieval and ancient thumb rings were up to 3.5inches in width and were often adorned with heavy stones, jewels, and even animal teeth.
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1. Slip a ring of the appropriate size onto your thumb and slide it down as far as it will comfortably go. 2. Twist the thumb ring until you find a position that looks good and feels
In the old days, a woman wearing a ring on the left thumb meant she is married,but available for sex and that still stands today.
Esoterically wearing a thumb ring shows independence and
1. Take the time to really give it some thought. See if you are dedicated enough to wait. If you're already thinking about sex all the time and you don't plan on staying pure, there
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Why Do People Wear Thumb Rings?
From Egyptian mummies to modern-day moms, the thumb ring has gone in and out of fashion throughout recorded human history. The history of thumb rings proves that the ring's significance varies widely, depending on the culture and era. For example, it can... More »
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There is an urban legend that wearing a thumb ring means you're gay. In actuality, wearing a thumb ring only means that you like to wear jewelry on your thumb.
Thumb rings go back as far as the Egyptian times when they were found on mummies. They were worn back then for protection from evil and disease. Nowadays it it worn as a fashion statement.
There is no secret to why people wear thumb rings. People wear thumb rings because they like the style and think it looks cute. I think it looks cute too.
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Women wear thumb rings for a variety of reasons but usually simply for fashion. One historical reason for a woman to wear a thumb ring was when her husband either ...
Some people think wearing a thumb ring means that you are gay but most people just do it as a fashion statement. In ancient times, women wore thumb rings if their ...
In ancient times, women wore thumb rings if their husbands or lovers were in battle fields or were dead. In certain parts of the world, a woman wearing a thumb ...
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