Why Do People Whistle?


People normally whistle just for fun and they find pleasure and satisfaction by doing this. Another reason is to impress someone or to simply attract attention from other people. Some people also whistle just to pass time and make themselves busy.
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From my experience people whistle for different reasons. A person might whistle because they are happy, bored, or even sad. People sometimes whistle songs because they cannot sing or do not know the words to a song.
People whistle because they are happy and sometimes they do not know the words of their songs. Some people whistle to relax and get rid of their stress.
People whistle for varying reasons. Some may whistle because they are in love or happy or they just received some good news. However, whistling can be annoying to some people who have to listen to it.
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It is very easy to whistle with your lips. You need to position your lips as though you are going to kiss, then blow air through your lips until you whistle.
1. Purse your lips into a tiny O shape, leaving a small opening for air. 2. Place the tip of your tongue behind your bottom teeth or against your inside bottom gums. 3. Gently expel
1 Pucker your lips. Pretend like you're about to give a kiss, and make your lips into a puckered shape. The opening in your lips should be small and circular. [1] Your breath flowing
To whistle with two fingers, you will have to keep practicing it. First, you have to choose your finger combination. Your options are right and left index fingers, right and left
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