Why Do Plant Leaves Turn Brown?


If there is standing water or excessive dampness in the bottom of the pot, where the roots reside, back off on watering for awhile, after dampening the new potting soil.
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When caring for houseplants, the first thing to remember is that your living room, kitchen or bedroom is an unnatural environment for any plant. They can be kept healthy inside, of
Too much water.
Yellowish discoloration occurs from low sulfur content. Mix powdered sulfur into your soil to revitalize the bush. Sulfur can lower soil pH levels, but mixing hydrated lime in the
Besides dry air, there are some other reasons why plants can develop brown tips and leaf margins. Some plants are sensitive to the fluoride and chlorine in tap water. Spider plants,
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Why Do Leaves Turn Brown on House Plants?
Plants and flowers bring joy and visual delight to gardeners around the world. Nurturing and protecting a plant until it blooms can be a rewarding enterprise. For those who don't have any outdoor space, growing potted houseplants can be a valuable option... More »
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