Why Do Plants Need Carbon Dioxide?


Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which leads to the production of sugars.
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Carbon source for sugar production.
It is sometimes scientifically beneficial to breathe on or talk to your plant and/or plants because when you exhale you release carbon dioxide and the plants use that by changing
Carbon dioxide (or CO2) is a key ingredient in most sodas (pops) It's what turns it from a "kool-Aid" type drink to the bubbly beverage you are used to and where the term
Plants release oxygen in the light because they are photosynthesising, and they need oxygen to complete the equation. This is wrong. When respiring, all living organisms breathe out
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Carbon dioxide is important to plants because it is part of photosynthesis. They use the carbon dioxide in combination with other minerals to make the sugars that are the food it needs to survive.
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