Why Do Plants Need the Sun?


Plants need the sun for them to grow and flourish well. They use light energy from the sun to change the materials, for instance carbon dioxide and water into food substances. This process of food productions is called photosynthesis.
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Plants make their food by Photosynthesis. It is the procedure in which a plant combines water, starch & sunlight to made food. Hence they require sunlight.
Function Photosynthesis combines water, sunlight and carbon dioxide into a chemical reaction that takes place regularly in the leaf part of the plant. Effects Sugar and oxygen are
so they can produse food and in order to survive
Find out what plants need to grow. The traditional project is to cover a leaf with aluminum foil to test whether they need sunlight to grow.
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Why Do Plants Need the Sun?
Plants need the sun because sunlight is made up of electromagnetic radiation which is given off as energy as the sun burns through its stores of hydrogen many millions of miles away from Earth. The electromagnetic radiation that plants receive from the... More »
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Learning why plants need the sun will mean learning something about the photosynthesis process. The plants need light energy, water, and carbon dioxide for this process. You can find more information here: http://biology.clc.uc.edu/Courses/Bio104/photosyn.htm
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