Why Do Plants Need Water?


Because water is used by plants to gather nutrients and essential elements from the ground.
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The process of photosynthesis may be divided into two stages. The first stage of photosynthesis, often called the light reactions since they are dependent on light, generates energy
plants need water. becuase they do. so live with it, and go onto a better site to get information, becuase the time that u spend asking a question on this site, you could have already
Very few plants need daily watering unless it is a 'thirsty' plant, in a pot, kept outdoors during the summer. Plants have different watering needs, depending on their origin (desert
Water your bean plants at least once every day. Completely soak the plants from the tops to the bottoms. If they are in containers, water them until water runs out of the bottom of
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Plants are 90% water. Plants transform energy from sunlight into food and water is necessary for this process to take place. Water also allows minerals from the soil to be absorbed and transported throughout the plant’s body.
Plants need water for germination and for the transportation of minerals and nutrients from the soil to the plants. Water also aids in the process of photosynthesis whereby plants prepare their food and also offers habitat in form of rivers, ponds, lakes and sea.
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