Why Do Rabbits Dig Holes?


Rabbits dig holes and tunnels to use as a homes, so that foxes as well as other wild animals cannot get to them. They also make use of them for hibernation in the winter months.
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Rabbits dig holes and burrows to use as a home, so that foxes and other wild animals can't get to them. They also use them for hibernation in the winter months. If you own a pet rabbit
Dogs dig because it's fun. They like to play, and they need exercise. Spending time playing with your dog and taking it for walks can reduce digging behavior. Dogs commonly bury bones
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Rabbits like holes that they can run into to get away from Elmer. Fudd.lol Remember Bugs? 1'st, Its a place to hide, 2'nd, its a cool. place in the summer and a warm place in the
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Rabbits dig because it is in their nature to do so. Also through chewing and digging the ground or something, they achieve psychological and physical pleasure. ...
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