Why Do Rabbits Have Long Ears?


Rabbits have long ears to help them loose heat as their body temperatures are usually quite high, around 40 degrees Celsius. This is done by circulating blood through a large vein that runs through their ears helping them cool their bodies.
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Rabbits' outer ears are among the most distinctive in the animal kingdom. They are long, curved and large compared with the rabbit's body. The shape helps the ear gather sound vibrations
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1. Make your bunny feel comfortable. It's best to only clean the ears of a rabbit who is familiar with you; don't clean a new rabbit's ears yourself. Check if your rabbit actually
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Rabbits have long ears because they are prey animals. Their long ears amplify sound so that they can run if a predator approaches. They are an early warning system. You can find more information here: http://www.4to40.com/Qa/print.asp?id=749
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Rabbits have long years for two main purposes; to catch sounds from any direction and to cool down its body. The ears are sensitive and are able to move independently ...
Rabbits have a very acute hearing due to their long and broad-lobed ears. They are able to hear many more sounds than humans can. It is not documented just how ...
Rabbits have many different adaptation skills that allow them to fit well into their environment. The rabbit's long ears have a unique outer shape called pinna ...
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