Red Blood Cells and No Nucleus?


Red blood cells are the only cells in the human body that don't have a nucleus. This is an adaptation which allows the red blood cell to carry more oxygen, but the down side is that the cell cannot replicate itself. The iron in the body is used to make new red cells, which is why iron is such an important part of a person's diet.
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An RBC has no nucleus , because the nucleus is extruded from the cell as it matures.
Being able to divide requires a nucleus. Since blood cells don't divide,
Red blood cells are made in the bone marrow. They start out with a nucleus, like other cells, but when they fill up with hemoglobin the nucleus is squished smaller and smaller until
The red color of red blood cells is closely linked to one of their most important functions: delivering oxygen. Red blood cells, according to the Franklin Institute, contain hemoglobin
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Because they don't need one. The nucleus of a cell is responsible for cellular activity including cell division. Blood cells don't divide, they are produced by other cells within bone marrow. RBC's are mainly a cell membrane surrounding a glob of hemoglobin and they lack most of the organelles associated with living cells.
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Red blood cells have no nucleus because their main function is to carry oxygen. With no nucleus they have more room in order to do this. You can find more information ...
The biconcave shape of red blood cells is due to the fact that red blood cells will extrude their nucleus as they age causing their centre to collapse. The resulting ...
The cells that have no nucleus are the prokaryotic cells, also known as the bacteria cells. The bacteria only have vacuoles. Also, mature red blood cells and organelles ...
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