Why Do Seasons Change?


Seasons change as a result of the Earth's revolution around the sun. The sun is the primary source of heat in the atmosphere, and therefore as the Earth rotates around in its orbit, its position relative to the sun is also affected thus making it to be either warm or cold. There are four seasons which namely are spring, summer, autumn and winter.
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Seasons change because the. Earth. revolves around the sun in a period of one year; you have the. southern hemisphere. and the. northen hemisphere. of the Earth. Earth is tilted with
The moon's gravity attracts the water, which leads to the tides as the moon orbits around Earth.
During part of the year, the northern part of the Earth will lean more directly against
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The reason the seasons change is because the Earth rotates on its axis. So, at any given time one part of the planet is more exposed to the sun than other parts. The parts exposed to more sun with have warm summer weather, but this changes as the Earth continues to rotate in a tilted way as it orbits around the sun.
The seasons change because the earth sits at a 23.45 degree tilt. As the Earth turns, the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing winter and the Southern Summer. The amount of sunlight will control the temperatures.
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